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Loch Dragon

The bard's sing tales of the bones by the freezing lake. Heroes and villains are implicated in the Wyrm's demise. Some say the bones are cursed, other ask will the dragon rise again? All agree in hushed tones that none who enter the cave by the shore are seen again.

Sunken Hopes

Who doused the lighthouse and started the bonfire on the outer cliff? We know it were no local sailor for the ship hit the reef far from shore and the treasure inside never made it close enough for salvage. The treasure looks gone nonetheless. Maybe the sharks ate it with the crew.

The Dojo

Awaken you body and mind to conquer your greatest enemy. Refresh your ki in the hot spring. Contemplate the universe meditating before the sacred carp. Eat your fill, collapse. Awaken your body and mind...

Forest stew

Deep in the woodlands a venerable crone stirs the oversize cauldron with a bone ladle. The aroma is enticing, exotic with a hint of mildew. None of this feels right but this may be your only chance.

Nexus of Worlds

"Clear the damned portal! The arrival from Gehenna is imminent." "An extra wizard is needed to crew the teleportation to the Frozen Chateau." "Travellers are required to pay in silver before entering the portal. Money-changers are by the fountains."

Hanami Pond

The cherry blossoms are in bloom. This is the week to celebrate and indulge. The spirits of spring are at their zenith. Growth, a promise of summer. Nothing can spoil the whims of nature...

The river divides

The wall of the eastern bank holds back the floods and allows fast travel along the paved road. It marks the Imperial Border. But a spear's throw to the west, the grand hall of the feralfolk stands defiantly, withstanding floods, the beasts of the forest and imperial annexation with equal disdain. 

Rice Fields

A ramshackle hut stands alone by the river. A warm inviting fire beckons travelers. Healthy rice crops abound, the peasants pray it survives to harvest.

Welcome to the Realm

Travel through the mists, this is not the land you were in yesterday. Bats and crows, those wolf prints are too large.
Our interpretation of the Gates of Barovia.

Red Panda Temple

The Priests of the Red Panda, or Firefox as it is known to the peasants, are famous for smiling, eating and feeding the poor. What is never clear is where the food comes from or why more people seem to enter than leave.

The Bazaar

The Bazaar has something for everyone. If the Bazaar cannot fulfill your need or desire, someone will be able to give you the information you need to attain it.

See Them Well Hanged

Practical solutions to classic problems. Longer lasting than a beheading and no mess. Conveniently located between three boroughs. A hanging is  a grand day out for even the poorest.

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The Vineyard

The Vintner welcomes thirty travellers. Lush vines embodying the natural beauty of viticulture. The imbiber is left unsure whether the glorious drop is a work of art or wizardry. After the second barrel is tapped no one cares. 

We made this map for our Curse of Strahd campaign (won't say much due to spoilers), it rocked.

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