Fey Dragon Lair

Deep in the Feywild far from the mayhem of the Queen’s Court, daring or reckless souls seek out the ancient lore of Kiazzmaya. Rumours abound of the mercurial beast, is she the Ancient and Eternal or one of many who lounge here for a time. Seelie, Unseelie or beyond classification?  The price to be paid for the enlightenment may be as simple as a quest or as complex as a dance. No visit to the Lair is ever the same and those who value the journey over the destination are left rethinking their philosophy.

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Enu Koguma

Tier 1

2Tau tsukinowaguma - heavyrainasiaticblackbear.png

Tau Tsukinowaguma

Tier 2

3Shinotsukuame higuma - intense rain bigbrownbear.png

Shinotsukuame Higuma

Tier 3