The Dragon Throne

The aggressively brutal opulence leading to the throne room is still inadequate preparation for the glory of the Dragon Emperor upon the throne.


Of course to see this, one must be granted leave to raise their forehead from the silk carpet or the view of Imperial Majesty will be their last sight before a journey to the Hell for Imperial Gawkers.


This decree against gawking is a shame because tavern poets, who lay claim to having seen the throne (when they were Imperial Poet, the details of how they lost such a role is another grand tale), laud it as a view of heaven in this mortal realm.

Dragon Throne

Enu Koguma

Tier 1

2Tau tsukinowaguma - heavyrainasiaticblackbear.png

Tau Tsukinowaguma

Tier 2

3Shinotsukuame higuma - intense rain bigbrownbear.png

Shinotsukuame Higuma

Tier 3