Atakebune - Shogun War Barge

The rhythmic beating of the drums, heard over the roar of the waves and screeching of the gulls, heralds the arrival of the Shogun’s fleet. The Atakebune, pride of the fleet, a floating fortress loaded with artillerists, archers and samurai instils fear as it glides out from the mists. Wise enemies surrender, the foolish are destroyed.

When the battle is over, and peace restored, it is time to celebrate. The engineers of the Imperial Court work their magic and the Atakebune is transformed into a pleasure barge, catering to all pleasures. Until the next war anyway.

Atakebune Party Boat Roof Day_edited.jpg

Enu Koguma

Tier 1

Atakebune Roof Day
Atakebune Roof Night
2Tau tsukinowaguma - heavyrainasiaticblackbear.png

Tau Tsukinowaguma

Tier 2

3Shinotsukuame higuma - intense rain bigbrownbear.png

Shinotsukuame Higuma

Tier 3